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Makueni Boys History


Makueni Boys’ High School(MBCITY) was founded in 1966. It is situated in Makueni County along Wote – Kathonzweni – Makindu road. The school is 10-minutes’ walk from the Makueni Governors offices. It was the first school in the county to be upgraded to a national school with a current population of 1028.

The school Motto: “Like a tree Knowledge Grows”

Makueni Boys is among the highest performing schools in the county and it is also bracketed among the best performing schools in the country. Every year, over 90% of the candidates get direct admission to Kenyan universities and other universities around the world.

Every year, the school admits over 250 students in Form One. The students are selected based on academic merit and quota system as per the Ministry of Education policy. Through this policy and system, the school admits boys from every county in the country.

Makueni Boys participates in the national sports festival. Among the games the boys participate in include Badminton, Swimming (newly introduced), Soccer, Hockey, Table tennis, Lawn tennis, Basketball, Volley ball, Athletics and Rugby.

The school has a standard football pitch and running tracks (recently renovated by the Makueni County Government) as well as other different courts. In spite of the good performance in swimming, the school does not have a swimming pool.

Makueni Boys has 8 houses which accommodate the 1028 students.These houses are Dara; Harambee; Jamhuri; Makueni; Kwinga; Madaraka and Liku. Each house is headed by a senior house teacher who is supported by several assistant house teachers. The students in the various houses have a responsible  house secretary who is deputised by two assistants.

The leadership of the students manifests itself in a responsive students’ council which is led by the students’ chairman assisted by two deputies. The students’ council is key to the running of the school routine and this organ ensures that the school rules are adhered to. The school has a total of 56 Secretaries elected each year on a very democratic process. This Secretaries work in different departments including games, houses,  entertainment, compound, classrooms and the dining hall.

 The school uniform is a black trouser and white and blue stripped shirt worn with a black tie, black blazer and grey sweater.

Our Curriculum offers English, Kiswahili, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, History, Geography, Computer, French, Art & Design, Business Studies, Christian Religion Education, Agriculture & Music.

The school staff offers a strong foundation for the school and the energetic staff is devoted to work hard towards achieving the goals of the school thus maintaining our premier status in the county and country.

The school has a fully dedicated staff ranging from the teaching staff to the non-teaching staff.



Key D Time 6, 8

Courage Makueni Boys’ School,
God guide our feet our mission to meet;
To prepare young holistic men,
Who will serve God and Humanity.


We shall be there,
A top institution,
We shall be there,
Leading in the nation
Tended by god as great garden;
Where like a tree grows.

God be our guide whatever the tide,
Braving life’s test achieving the best;
Faithful and true to all our vows,
Hear the wise, “where there is a will there is a way”.

When day is done and years be past,
When wrinkles tell what words cannot tell,
When old age strength may not but us fail,
May we look back and say we did our best.


Our Mission

To Prepare and produce holistic young men to serve humanity

Our Vision

To be a leading Institution in the Nation

Our Motto

Like a tree Knowledge Grows